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Personalized advice and answers.

We partner with GreenPath, a national nonprofit dedicated to financial wellness. GreenPath offers free financial counseling to help people budget, get out of debt, and learn more about their finances.

Talk to a professional about your finances.

  • Free financial counseling
  • Debt management plans
  • Home buying preparation
  • Foreclosure prevention
  • Student loan counseling
  • Credit report reviews

Online educational resources.

Through GreenPath University, you can learn about financial topics you’ve always wondered about, from strategies for getting out of debt to smarter grocery purchasing. If you need a crash course on a particular topic, like credit or budgeting, check out their financial guides and worksheets.

Start your financial wellness journey here

Have a one-on-one conversation.

Staring at blog posts and arbitrary numbers on the internet can be overwhelming. We get that. That’s why we work with GreenPath counselors to provide personal counseling and advice.

Call 1-877-337-3399 or  Request a Call

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Counselors are more than happy to discuss whatever financial questions, problems, and worries you might have. Most initial sessions will involve budgeting.
  • You're more than welcome to make an appointment through "Schedule a Call," but no appointment is necessary.
  • Yes, most of GreenPath's counseling and services are completely free. More complex services, like reverse mortgage counseling and homebuyer counseling, carry a fee.