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Money Market

A more creative way to do savings.

Your next savings account is better than a savings account.

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Boost your dividends with eStatements.

It’s easier for us when things are digital, so we kick the savings back to you. Sign up for eStatements and score a higher dividend rate.

Perfectly adaptable. Move money and still earn dividends.

Move funds around

Use your 4 transactions a month to save and spend.

Minimum $2,500

There is a monthly service fee if your balance drops below $2,500.00.

Dividends compound monthly

Gain momentum with compound interest.

Manage your account from your phone.

Transfer to and from your Money Market account, all in the app.

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A different kind of investment.

Open a Money Market online

Start with $2,500.

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Interest compounds monthly

With eStatements, you get an even better rate.

Add and subtract

Up to four transfers a month. Control everything from your phone.

Better rates than savings.
More flexible than a CD.

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*APY is the Annual Percentage Yield. Rates subject to change without notice.