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Share Certificates

A long term solution.

It's best to save for a rainy day. This account helps businesses stay prepared, with a great interest rate and limited withdrawals.

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What does it take to open an account?

You can open a Share Certificate with just $1,000. Your rate is fixed and so is your term—the length of time you agree not to withdraw anything. We’ve got plenty of term options available, from a few months to a few years.

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Why else should I open this account?

Free online banking

Get a quick, easy overview of your finances.

Free eStatements

Go green⁠—and save time and money.

Free mobile banking

Stay connected no matter the time or place.

Here’s how it works:

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Either come by a branch or give us a call.

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Pick your term

Choose how long you want to set your money aside.

Start earning

Earn a competitive, fixed rate on your savings.