Share Savings Accounts


Share Savings Account (00)

This account is the initial account you will establish with the credit union.  It represents your share or ownership in the credit union and grants you the privilege, if in good standing, to vote and the annual meeting.  Once you reach $500 in the account, your money will begin to grow by receiving dividends.  Members have access to enjoy one free withdrawal from our teller window and one free withdrawal from the ATM per month from this account.  Additional withdrawal penalties and fees will apply.  Statements for your Share Savings Account will be sent out quarterly either via mail or electronically through email.

Departmental Savings Account (51)

If you are part of a group or department, then this account is right for you.   Place your funds here and watch them grow until you need them with a minimum balance of $500.

Vacation Club Account (58)

Planning that awesome and much needed vacation?   Our Vacation Club will help you save for your trip.  With no minimum and two withdrawals per year, sit back and watch your money grow until time to relax.  Additional withdrawal penalties will apply.

Holiday Club Account (59)

Not sure of what will be on next year’s wish list?  No problem.  Be prepared with a Holiday Club Account.  This account will automatically transfer on the first of November to your Shares account so you will have no problem filling those Holiday wish lists.  Until the time of transfer, watch your money grow by receiving monthly dividends.  Additional withdrawal penalties will apply.

Kids Club Account (55)

Created especially for those young ones 12 years old or younger, our Kids Club Account will help these young savers.   Known as the Pee Wee Penguin Club, they will receive a newsletter every quarter just for them.  They will have the opportunity to submit artwork for a holiday contest.  They even have their own special, financial website to visit.  These little guys and gals will watch their money grow by receiving monthly dividends with just a minimum of $25 in their account.

The Right Direction Share Account (40)

For members who are 13-17, let MSFCU help you get headed in The Right Direction.  This account represents your share in the credit union. While you are headed in the Right Direction, you can earn dividends with a minimum amount of $25.    

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