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Mississippi Federal Credit Union
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Enhanced Services


As a member of MSFCU, you have access to cash when you need it most.   It is a convenient way to get cash in a flash.  Even point of sale transactions will allow you to get cash back.  Just be sure to check the machine for the ATM card option.  When you are out and about, your ATM card will be recognized as a part of several networks like Dolphin Debit Access  (located at select Walgreens and Walmart Murphy Oil Stations) and the CU24 Network among others.

COURTSEY PAY (Overdraft Privilege)

Courtesy pay is a service that allows the credit union to pay a share draft (checking) transaction or ACH transaction even if it causes the account to become overdrawn.  Sometimes we all forget to record a check or an automatic bill pay deduction, and then we unintentionally write a check for more that what is in our account.  A check return for insufficient funds (NSF) is both costly and embarrassing.  Courtesy pay is available for members who are in good standing and have had a checking account for 60 days.  Please check with Member Services to see if your account qualifies.


Fast and more convenient that writing a check, MSFCU debit cards will deduct your transaction amount from your account.  Our debit cards carry the VISA® logo so they can be used to purchase items over the phone and internet.


No more waiting for your pay check to come through the mail, you can direct deposit your check into your checking or savings account.


Notary Service is free as a benefit to all members.  Available at all three branch locations, check with your local branch to get an official stamp on important documents.


Overdraft protections is a service where your shares(savings ) account works with your share draft (checking) account to help prevent your checks from being returned because of insufficient funds.  If you write a check for a sum larger than the balance of your checking account, but you do have the funds available in your share account, MSFCU will transfer the money from your shares to your checking.  This transfer is completed in increments of $50.00 and charges the member only a $2.50 for the transfer instead of the $27.00 for insufficient funds.  Check with a member service representative to see if your account qualifies .


Need a portion of your paycheck to go directly into your savings or maybe that student of yours need their allowance deposited form your pay to their account?  By designating a portion of your payroll to deposit automatically into another account, you need not worry about taking care of business…it’s automatic.


Valuable Documents and irreplaceable family heirlooms should not be kept unprotected in your home. Safe-deposit boxes provide protection from both theft and fire for your most important and treasured items. Contact the credit union today to open a safe-deposit box and enjoy greater peace of mind.


Need access to your account via telephone, just call 601-985-1315 or 800-643-1567
All you need is your account number and your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
You can check your balance, transfer funds or make a loan payment.


Our other services include: Electronic Withdrawal, Fax Service, Money Orders, and Official Checks.

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